Slab Leak FAQ

What is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is the industry and insurance term for a leak in one of the water lines running below the concrete floor of your home. When these leaks are above the floor they are known as pinhole leaks.

Why do I have a leak?

In our opinion, based on inspecting 100’s of leaking lines, the leaks are primarily the result of a reaction between our drinking water and the copper pipes. We used to believe that leaks resulted from bad installation practices, non-reamed pipe, too much soldering flux, contact with concrete, rebar or rocks but that has proven to be a cause in a very low percentage of our inspections. Check out our slab leak information page for more.

How do you find the leak?

We use our experience on how your system is installed along with electronic listing and tracing equipment to help us locate the problem. Visit the leak detection page for detailed outline of the location process.

How do you fix the leak?

We utilize all common industry fixes along with our single line epoxy repair system. After the leak is located and isolated we will talk with you about the different options for repairing your specific problem and the associated costs. Our goal is to help you make the best decision for your specific situation. Visit our Slab Leaks page for repair options and descriptions.

What will my home owner’s insurance policy cover?

This varies between insurance companies. Generally you can expect your insurance company to cover the cost of the leak detection service, line access and isolation, dry out and restoration of your property to the condition before the leak occurred. The insurance companies will normally not cover the cost of the plumbing repair. Please note that we see exception to ALL of the above on a regular basis and insurance company responses will vary job to job with the same company and from company to company for the same problem. If you have an agent you can speak with without filing a claim then that is your best option for knowing what your coverage will be.

What does it cost to find and repair my leak?

Please see our pricing page or give us a call to discuss, we are happy to answer general pricing question over the phone. Most of the time we can locate, isolate, repair the pipe and patch up any access holes for less than $1,500.00. In the industry in general this same service will range from just over $2,000.00 on up to $5,000.00 or more by the time the process is complete with patching and finishes restored.

What is Epoxy Restoration?

Quite simply it is the best, most cost effective, solution for repairing leaking copper water lines below your floor. The process is less expensive and invasive in all circumstances except for very short re-routes. With a 10 year warranty and better than a 95% success rate it is the obvious choice for a single line repair.

How long does the repair take?

Most repairs require a two day process. The first day we conduct the leak detection service and prep for the repair the second day we provide for lining and reinstatement. If conditions prevent a quick repair we may install a temporary bi-pass line so that you are not unconvinced by the water being shut off. We will always work with you to meet your needs a well as we can.

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